Does your job suck TOO much?

Your job sucks, but does it suck too much?  Should you quit your job?  Consider happiness, fulfillment, emotional drain, wages, and follow your gut when it tells you it's time to quit.  Some people quit their job during covid using that as a good time to start over.  Regardless, just do your best to find a job that doesn't suck TOO much.

Should you start a YouTube Channel in 2021?

Wondering if you should start a YouTube channel in 2021?  Here are some things to consider when trying to decide if it's a good idea to start your own YouTube channel.  The best time to start a YouTube channel is now!


4.21.2021 I decided to buy more than 1,400 Dogecoin but, I don't know what it is. What is Dogecoin? Elon's prediction is for Dogecoin to go past $1. Will I loose my money? I also bought Bitcoin. Which cryptocurrency's price will go up?

2021 Dodge Charger Scat Pack (2000 mile review)

4.18.2021 video review of my 2021 Dodge Charger Scat Pack 6.4L 392.  I give an overview of performance, equipment, and thoughts on ownership.  After 2,000+ miles of daily driving my Scat Pack, I tell you about likes and dislikes about the car.  The car has:
-485hp 6.4L HEMI engine
-8 speed automatic transmission
-4 inch active exhaust
-Brembo brakes
-20x9 wheels
-Goodyear tires
-Alpine audio system
-remote start
-push button start
-paddle shifters
-embroidered and bolstered seats
-MDS (multiple displacement system - 4 cylinder under light driving)
-SRT driving modes and performance page
and much more!

Why I'm glad I replaced my T3i with a 90D

4.17.2021 video talking about finally upgrading my Canon T3i DSLR to a Canon 90D.  I briefly talk about my biggest annoyance and limitations using the T3i for youtube videos.  The EOS 90D can quickly and quietly autofocus in video mode.  Saving me a ton of time and frustration of trying to focus my shots.  Face/Eye detection auto focus is one of many reasons I'm glad I upgraded to the 90D. 

The Sunday Struggle

4.12.2021 video about the Sunday Struggle.  I want to rest on Sundays.  But I want to do stuff while I'm off.  The struggle is real.  Before I can really find anything to do...just like's Monday.

DJI MINI 2 replaces my Phantom 4 Pro

4.10.2021 video about my new DJI MINI 2 Fly More Combo.  Comes with the Mini 2, controller, 3 batteries, battery charging bank, extra propellers, and a shoulder bag. This drone is my newest toy.  It's impressive video quality in a super small package.  Shoots up to 4k resolution at 60fps.  Flies stable in the wind.  Sometimes referred to a MAVIC MINI 2.

Carnival Threatens to Leave US Ports

4.9.2021 video about Carnival Cruise Lines threatening to pull out of US ports.  They say they may not have a choice in the matter.  CDC is working with the cruise industry.

Winning the Lottery Twice, Big Lizard in 711, and Model Train plays melody

4.8.2021 video about a Washington Couple Wins Lottery Twice with tickets from the same store, Giant water monitor lizard in a 7 eleven store in Thailand, and a Guinness record set for longest melody played by a model train.

Easter 2021

4.4.2021 vlog on Easter Sunday 2021 with Joe Somebody and family in North Georgia. Lots of driving, hiding eggs, and kids playing! Happy Easter from The Somebodys!

Logitech Z533 - Best PC Speakers?

4.2.2021 video in which I look at the Logitech Z533 PC speaker system with subwoofer. I give a quick review and list pros and cons. At less than $100, this 120w 2.1 speaker system delivers crisp treble and power bass with minimal distortion. Nice modern looking computer speakers that fit in on any desk. Impressive sound without breaking the bank!

I Had a Gas Leak?!

3.30.2021 video in which I point out that I’m a creature of habit, remind myself to push myself to do something different, and find a gas leak on my Webber grill thanks to a neat trick with soap and water.