What Went Wrong With Joe Somebody

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Hi, I'm Joe.  I've been making videos on Youtube since August of 2010.  I started my channel not knowing what kind of videos I would make and randomly named it "The Joe Somebody Show".  Over the years my channel has been through several iterations.  Recently, I've become very aware of the fact that my "brand" had run away from me and I had lost control of my Youtube channel and social media accounts.  Let me explain...

I started out making fun of the news, I made skits, I vlogged, and I had fun.  In March of 2011, my wife and I took a cruise.  Since I owned a pretty good camera that I had purchased for Youtube, I filmed some random parts of the vacation and posted it to my channel.  That was my first video to gain any real traction online.  The next year when we went on the Carnival Dream, I put more effort into filming and editing.  That video also seemed to draw a good crowd.  So quite accidentally, The Joe Somebody Show started evolving into Cruise Reviews and Travel Information.

I was glad that something had gained traction and that my audience was growing, but I quickly started to realize the difficulty with this niche.  It was nearly impossible for me to make cruise related videos because I only cruised once per year.  I started resisting the cruise niche a little, but it felt like that was the only content the audience wanted.

When I did take a cruise, I put a ton of effort into the video series.  But the rest of the time, I was at a complete loss for what to do with not only my Youtube channel, but also my social media sites.  I had a Facebook Page, Twitter, Google+, Joe Somebody Show website, Instagram, Joetography Photography Blog, etc... and they were all fairly dead.  At one point I started RealCruisers.com which was mildly successful, but I was unable to keep it alive by myself and the cost became too much.

I was once contacted by a cruise related website and asked to make some content branded for them, and was not confident that I would be a good fit for the gig because I'm just a regular person that doesn't even regularly post content for myself anymore.  The company insisted that I was unanimously their first choice.  But I just didn't feel it.  I'm not sure where that road would have taken me, but I didn't want to commit to it without being confident that I was right for it.  In my opinion they ended up with a real jerk doing videos for them, but he's still probably better suited for it than I was.

The fact is I'm fairly certain that I have adult ADHD.  I have a lot of short lived hobbies and interests.  Each time I've had an interest, I have felt that I couldn't share it via Joe Somebody because Joe Somebody is just a cruise vlogger.  So, many times I've started a new blog and watched it fail all while watching all the Joe Somebody accounts sit idle and feeling like I couldn't post anything on them that wasn't cruise related.  It's as if those accounts no longer belonged to me.  I've even felt that I couldn't share things that cost money because people might ask why I can't afford a cruise if I can afford to spend money on other things. Isn't that a crazy thought?

I blame no one but myself.  Most of the struggle with the Joe Somebody "brand" is in my head.  I seriously hate to disappoint anyone, but I'm not just about cruising.  That's a very small portion of who I am.  I'm going to be taking my brand back.  I am Joe Somebody.  I'm a regular guy with a lot of interests.  I'm aware that a lot of my followers are here thinking that I'm a dedicated cruise vlogger or some sort of travel guru.  Those people may choose to stop following me and that is ok.  What is the point in having followers if you can't connect with them?  I'd rather have a smaller group of dedicated followers than a bunch of followers that never hear from me because I don't have anything relevant to the 1 reason they follow me.

This doesn't mean I'll never mention cruising.  This doesn't mean I'm going to remove old videos. This doesn't mean that I'm going to stop making videos or start making more videos right now.  All this means is that I want to be able to use my accounts when I have something to say.  In fact, I've already started making some changes like shutting down my Google+ because I don't really like it.   I've shutdown my "Joetography" blog and imported those blog posts into TheJoeSomebodyShow.com.  I'm going to try to simplify things and use the social media channels that I have rather than just disappear into the shadows because I'm not sharing a cruise video.

I hope you all understand where I'm coming from.


  1. Sounds good to me Joe, you gotta do you. More power to you. I will be watching!

  2. Still wanna follow! You and your wife are great!!

  3. Hey!! Joe's back!! Can't wait to hear from you. You are more than your vacations!

  4. Joe I started following through one of your cruise videos but stayed around because you and your wife seem very real and relatable. You do what you want with your channel.

  5. Joe! You've got a gift.

  6. Do your own thing, we'll still watch. 73, KS8W

  7. i started watching for the cruise videos right before my first cruise, but i've been back watching the other videos, old and new, because the way you present them and yourself inspires me to work on making my own videos. good luck to you and i look forward to more content to come.