Black Mold Urine Test and Facebook Suggestions

I may have been exposed to Black Mold, luckily I always have a urine sample handy! I also do a terrible job handling some suggestions from my Facebook page.

Antenna Failure and The New Truck

My dipole ham antenna fell to the ground due to high winds and I got a new (to me) 2014 Ford F-150 XLT Super Crew.

Just Tell Me To Shutup

3.9.2018 Episode of The Joe Somebody Show in which I have heartburn, I use the word MILIEU for the first time, and the audience tells me to shutup.

What Went Wrong With Joe Somebody

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Hi, I'm Joe.  I've been making videos on Youtube since August of 2010.  I started my channel not knowing what kind of videos I would make and randomly named it "The Joe Somebody Show".  Over the years my channel has been through several iterations.  Recently, I've become very aware of the fact that my "brand" had run away from me and I had lost control of my Youtube channel and social media accounts.  Let me explain...

I started out making fun of the news, I made skits, I vlogged, and I had fun.  In March of 2011, my wife and I took a cruise.  Since I owned a pretty good camera that I had purchased for Youtube, I filmed some random parts of the vacation and posted it to my channel.  That was my first video to gain any real traction online.  The next year when we went on the Carnival Dream, I put more effort into filming and editing.  That video also seemed to draw a good crowd.  So quite accidentally, The Joe Somebody Show started evolving into Cruise Reviews and Travel Information.