Off Roading with Drones (Tray Mountain)

2000 Nissan Pathfinder XE
As I'm sure you can tell from my Facebook and Instagram posts...I got a new ride!  I've sold my 2000 Nissan Pathfinder XE
and said farewell to my little gas-saving 2013 Ford Focus Titanium.  The Pathfinder was great and loads of fun, but being 2WD with an open differential always had me scared of getting stuck.  The Focus was a great car with tons of features, but I found that I tended to drive the Pathfinder more why was I paying for a car to sit in the garage?  Enter the Jeep.

2015 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sport S
It's a 2015 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sport S.  It has a Rough Country lift, Westin Nerf Bars, 17" wheels, and 35" tires.  I have trimmed the factory fender flares so I don't scrub and tear them off when the suspension flexes.  I've got an LED light bar and 4" LED pillar spot lights going on this week and a CB to install soon.  I hope to get a quick connect kit for the sway bar, a new front bumper (with prerunner bar and wench), and I'm sure I'm find plenty more things I'd like to do to it as well.  It's a brilliant machine that far exceeds my expectations of what a fun and functional vehicle is.

One of the other great things about owning a Jeep is the abundance of Jeep clubs and groups.  As soon as I posted that I got a Jeep, a friend of mine added me to a local Jeep group on Facebook called Georgia Jeepers.  The group has over 11.5k members in or around Georgia.  It has proven to be a great resource for parts, owner info, pics, and organizing group rides.

Last weekend, I joined 7 other Jeeps from the group in a trail ride.  We left from Helen, Georgia and headed to Tray Mountain.  This place is pretty awesome.  There are scenic views, water crossings, rocky patches, mild ruts, off-camber spots, hiking trails, and some nice places to wilderness camp.

Good looking group from Georgia Jeepers

One of the guys brought along his drones and filmed some of our trip.  The drone footage is awesome!  We're going to be doing some more rides that I'll film with my GoPro and hopefully Alex will come along and film with the drones.

Checkout the drone video below. (courtesy of Alex Garrett)

Some Pictures From This Trip

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