WTF Comments: I'm a Cheapskate!!

7-18-2015 episode of The Joe Somebody Show in which I discuss a comment left by a follower that said: I was a cheapskate, I book the oldest and cheapest ships, and never buy my wife any drinks while on our cruises.

I get some weird comments on my youtube videos.  Most of them are good and nice and even if they disagree they are polite.  But sometimes people are just mean.


  1. Great response to the haters! I enjoy watching your cruise videos. My girlfriend and I came back from a cruise last week on the Carnival Fascination and have always cruised with Carnival due the discounts and more bang for the buck.


  2. Great response! I'll be going on my 2nd Carnival cruise in December and I don't have a desire to go on RC, at the moment. It's not about being cheap but more about affordability and establishing loyalty while doing so. Thank you for sharing your experiences!