Upcoming Changes to The Joe Somebody Show

What's Changing?

Don't worry, change is good!  I personally believe that The Joe Somebody Show has gotten off track at some point.  Actually, the show never really had any kind of track to be on in the first place.  Well, It's time to add some structure.  The new structure of the show will be more like a podcast or radio broadcast.  The plan is to make this into a fun interactive show where I (your average Joe Somebody) share interesting things and my thoughts and opinions with you.  It will mostly involve content related to cruises, technology, and current events.  The new format will hopefully follow a weekly schedule and hopefully involve co-hosts and/or guests (both live and via skype).  Ideally, I'll get people involved in the show.  I'd like to respond to emails, tweets, texts, and voicemails during the show.  If all goes as planned, I'd like to eventually use the YouTube live broadcast feature to stream the show and let people interact with me in real-time.  I WILL STILL BE MAKING MY ANUAL CRUISE VIDEOS/SERIES!

Why The Change?

One of my biggest struggles since I started making videos on YouTube has been coming up with a subject.  This should give me something to post to my YouTube channel every week as well as allow people to stream my podcast on iTunes and other places potentially increasing my audience and making the entire experience more fun for everybody involved.  I've always thought that things were kind of one sided. I spend a good bit of time struggling to come up with topics and trying to be entertaining without getting much feedback from people.  It's like I just do my own thing and sometimes viewers like it, but most often it's a miss.  Instead, maybe we can work together and make something fresh and fun.

Going Forward

Like most of the ideas I come up with, this may not work out.  I've rearranged my office and ordered some new equipment to help me get the new format going.  There is a lot of thought and research going into this project, and I'm sure there will be some growing pains.  I just ask for your continued support as I try something new.  I'm sure there will be some casualties, and to those subscribers/followers that I lose during this transition, I can only apologize that we can't continue to be friends and thank you for having been a part of this project.

Get Involved

I'm not exactly sure if and when this new format will start.  But, I'm working as hard as I can to get it going.  If you're interested in being a guest via skype, let me know.  Ask me questions, share cool things that you want me to share with others, etc...If you want to get involved and have your question or comment on the new show, here are some ways to contact me:

email: joe@thejoesomebodyshow.com
twitter: @JoeSomebody1986 
txt/leave voicemail:  706-389-0JOE (706-389-0563)

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