JSS0003 - Google Driverless Car, Death of Windows XP, School photoshops females, #freethenipple (Scout Willis Topless)


We talk about Google new driverless car (the G-drive Buggy), The death of Windows XP, what that means to the 30% of the world that is still using it, and alternatives like ChromeOS.


We talk about a Utah high school that photoshopped clothing onto some female students to cover skin and tattoos, and Scout Willis going topless in NYC to protest against Instagram banning her account and to promote nipple equality.

From the Audience:

We answer a couple question from facebook!

JSS0002 - Removing Viruses from Smartphones, Installing Flash Player on Android, Rootkits, and SunPass


We talk about removing viruses from smartphones, backing up android devices with KIES, installing flash player on android, rootkits and scanners (TDSSKiller and MBAR), and steak timer plus app!


We answer some questions form the audience.


Further discussion of the Florida Turnpike and SunPass (including a toll calculator from http://www.sunpass.com/tollcalculator)

JSS0001 - First Podcast, Toll-By-Plate, Samsung Galaxy Smartphones


The Joe Somebody Show is now a podcast!  In this episode I talk about the new format.


I discuss getting a toll-by-plate bill in the mail for an unpaid toll on the Florida Turnpike from our cruise last month.  I talk about how this happened, and what you need to know before your next journey down the Turnpike.


I talk about the Samsung Galaxy S4, the new Samsung Galaxy S5, the differences between the two, and whether I think it's necessary to upgrade from the S4 to the S5.

Scuba Diving in the Galapagos Looks Amazing!

Joe Somebody Snorkeling in Grand TurkAs many of you know, I enjoy snorkeling.  On my last cruise I went snorkeling in Nassau, Half Moon Cay, and Grand Turk.  I was impressed with all the beautiful fish and the pure enjoyment of exploring the ocean.  Yesterday, I was discussing the trip with a guy from work.  I was telling him how cool it was to see the fish and that I really enjoyed getting to use my GoPro to record it all.  He said his sister had recently been on a trip to the Galapagos Islands and went scuba diving.  Apparently, part of the package included a video of the experience.  He just happened to have said video on his laptop.

Upcoming Changes to The Joe Somebody Show

What's Changing?

Don't worry, change is good!  I personally believe that The Joe Somebody Show has gotten off track at some point.  Actually, the show never really had any kind of track to be on in the first place.  Well, It's time to add some structure.  The new structure of the show will be more like a podcast or radio broadcast.  The plan is to make this into a fun interactive show where I (your average Joe Somebody) share interesting things and my thoughts and opinions with you.  It will mostly involve content related to cruises, technology, and current events.  The new format will hopefully follow a weekly schedule and hopefully involve co-hosts and/or guests (both live and via skype).  Ideally, I'll get people involved in the show.  I'd like to respond to emails, tweets, texts, and voicemails during the show.  If all goes as planned, I'd like to eventually use the YouTube live broadcast feature to stream the show and let people interact with me in real-time.  I WILL STILL BE MAKING MY ANUAL CRUISE VIDEOS/SERIES!

GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition Review + LCD Touch BacPac + JAWS Flex Clamp

5-15-2014 episode of The Joe Somebody Show in which I review my GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition, LCD Touch Bacpac, and JAWS Flex Clamp.

*My Carnival Victory Exotic Eastern Caribbean cruise playlist: