I've got to admit, my wife is sexy.  I just randomly took this while tinkering with my new light setup...and WOW.  That's all I can say!

NEW Studio Lighting Kit

Being an amateur photographer and videographer, has led me to building a nice little collection of gear.  I've got a good camera body, several good lenses, some lens filters, a shotgun mic, a lavaliere mic, a tripod, a steadycam, and some carrying bags.  If you've spent any time messing around with cameras yourself, you're probably realizing that I haven't mentioned any lighting equipment.  Almost as important as the camera itself, is the lighting you use.  For some reason, up to this point I've used natural light from windows or light from small desk lamps.  But, I thought it was time to step up my game a bit.  I purchased the studio lighting kit pictured below.  It includes the following items: 

3 x Linco#342324" Morning Glory Reflector and Softbox
3 x Britek#3245PRO 500 Fluorescent Light Holder
3 x Britek#PP170053Photo High RA Fluorescent Lamp 50W
1 x Linco#0903Linco#0903 6'x7' Background Support
1 x Linco#GE0510TLinco 5'x10' Green Backdrop Screen
1 x Linco#WH0510TLinco 5'x10' White Backdrop Screen
1 x Linco#BLK0510TLinco 5'x10' Black Backdrop Screen
2 x Linco#4216-1Linco#4216-1 Backdrop Holders
3 x LSN#7306Photo Studio 6ft Light Stand
2 x Britek#301232''Transparent Photo Umbrella
1 x Linco#2020-6Morning Glory Bag
I think this light kit will serve me well.  The morning glorys can be used as hard lights, softboxes, or snoot lights.  I'm looking forward to how I can improve my photo and video making with this new setup.  It should be here by the end of the week!

Also, if you're interested in getting this light setup (which is a $550 value) it is available on ebay for $149 w/free shipping from lincoinc168.


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