I Finally Bought the Sigma 30!

So, I've finally done it!  I just purchased the Sigma 30mm F/1.4 EX HSM from http://www.amazon.com!  I've been wanting this lens for quite some time.  I shoot with the Canon T3i and though I've been pleased with the Bokeh and vivid colors of my EF-50mm F/1.8, I don't like the overly zoomed in result you get from using it on a camera with a crop sensor.
 I decided to look for a 30mm to remedy this problem.  By far the highest rated lens in my price range was the Sigma 30mm.  Sigma actually has a new model of this lens that should start shipping sometime soon, but rather than pre-ordering the new model and risk not getting it before we leave for our cruise, I opted for the current model at a much cheaper price.  I'll test this lens thoroughly while on vacation, and upon returning I might do some sort of review.

Stay in focus!


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