As Long As You Like Me - Corey Vidal ft. Andrew Huang (Justin Bieber Par...

I love Corey Vidal's parody about being a youtuber!

Download this song on iTunes: Big thank you to Andrew Huang, who rapped on the track. Check him out on YouTube: CAST: Corey Vidal Andrew Huang Samantha Fall Steve Vidal MUSIC: Written by Corey Vidal, Andrew Huang, Corrado Coia, and Sean Sullivan Vocals by Corey Vidal and Andrew Huang Vocals recorded by noisysid Produced by Christian Caldeira and Fozoh Saliki Mixed and mastered by Christian Caldeira Album art by Karen Kavett VIDEO: Corey Vidal: Director/Producer/Editor/Colorist Corrado Coia: Camera Operator/Assistant Director Tim Deegan: Camera Operator/Assistant Director Joel K Sullivan: Camera Operator Sean Sullivan: Production Assistant BriansEpicFail: Camera Operator Samantha Fall: Production Assistant Saskia Vanell: Editor/Wardrobe Supervisor/Best Boy Grip/Production Assistant Rianna Finch: Production Assistant/Makeup Artist Nicole from Our Life With Kids: Hair Stylist DANCERS: 283 Performing Arts Company Jordan Setacci: Dance Choreographer Elissa A. Alexa D. Jessica M. N. Natalie V. Lizzie Z. Samantha R. Celina D. Michaela P. Katrina S. LYRICS: As long as you like me As long as you like me As long as you like me I'm on your playlist Billions of people in the world, we're all dreaming All trying to make it Smile on your face while my videos are streaming My thumbnails, they don't lie We both know there's a lot online But I will keep uploading [Chorus] As long as you watch me We could be featured We could be viral We could make vlogs As long as you like me I'll be your player I'll be your favorite As long as you watch As long as you like me As long as you like me Let's do a live show Fighting every second of the day for your view, girl Don't mind the pre-roll Loading's gonna take a little while, please don't move, girl So favorite and thumbs up I don't want you to go unsub Just hit reply [Chorus] [Big 'Drew] It's Pants Two-minute pre-roll, well, man, I'm patient The only thing I wanna do is channel gazing Your banner's blazing, your cam's amazing I'm twitching as I'm clicking every annotation Product placement, fashion, gaming Studied how-to's and I graduated Stack the playlist, add to favorites Check the sidebar, that's related? Play me, baby, 1080 HD Everyday we do this, kids And I never had a better batch of metadata set up That'll get a fan to view these vids Oh, yes I'm competing with the whole world These kids who got in the game so early Blowing everything up on my screen I'll rock these panels and livestreams Doing this one right with my team Play tag with the S.E.O. And I can hit you with an .AVI dream When it comes up, click it open Doesn't take long once it's loading Didn't see it? You must be joking Oh wait... the sub box is broken [Chorus] Music video by Corey Vidal ft. Andrew Huang performing As Long As You Like Me. © 2013 ApprenticeA Productions

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