Life After YouTube Opens Partnership

It's been a few days since YouTube made the announcement about opening the partnership program to everyone.  The community as a whole, took this news pretty hard. Ben Hughes from put out a video reflecting on his personal experience applying, getting denied, and then finally getting accepted into the partnership program. You can watch this video here. Feeling upset by the news that I would never have that feeling of accomplishment that Ben talks so fondly of, prompted me to make this video. Several others have shared their thoughts and feelings as well.

Shane Dawson
This change has come at a strange time. A good portion of YouTube's content creators were starting to mumble about the lack of community within the site. They say the "big partners" get all the attention, while the smaller partners are stuck in the shadows. A small movement was starting to take place to rekindle the sense of community. Now with the news of open partnership, the movement seems to be slowing. There is now starting to form a line between "new partners" and those who actually know what they are doing (old partners). The community is starting to unravel a little as content creators try to hold on to the stigma that the word partner formerly implied. Just as you would after any other disaster, the community must rebuild. We must strive to make good content, not for the title of partner, not for the money, but for the pure enjoyment of connecting with people and doing what we love.

Philip Defranco and Toby Turner
The main focus of a site like YouTube is to be a platform to share videos.  The people that have done well in this industry are devoted to consistently creating quality content.  When YouTube stars like Philip Defranco first started making videos, there was no such thing as a partner.  He didn't make any money, he didn't have a prestigious title, he had a camera and an internet connection.

Yes, we've lost a great milestone.  Becoming a Partner was a way to feel reassured about yourself.  That you were worthy.  Now it's on us.  It's the content we make.  The same feeling of success can come from doing something well or making new connections.  Look to your view count to give you reassurance.  Most importantly, keep creating great content!

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