My 900th Subscriber

12-19-2012 Joe Somebody short in which I find the best way to celebrate getting my 900th subscriber!  I'm amazed how many people are subscribed to my channel and watch my videos.  Thanks!


12-11-12 episode of The Joe Somebody Show in which I discuss the end of the world on 12-21-2012 (according to the Myan calendar, what's important, and the things I would like to have in my "survival kit".


12-5-2012 episode of The Joe Somebody Show in which I talk about being sick, the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, winning the 11-24 lottery (PowerBall $570 million), and my luck in general.


12-1-2012 episode of The Joe Somebody show in which I film my family getting together to decorate the enormous tree in my mother's living room. It's a family tradition to have snacks, Christmas music, and have a good time stringing lights and putting ornaments on the tree!

Ray William Johnson Partners W/ Julian Smith To Start His Own Production Studio [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

I saw this interview with Ray William Johnson that confirms my belief and supports my decision to not join the network that reached out to me earlier this year.  Though it is my dream to reach a larger audience and grow my channel, I dont feel like joining a youtube network is the way to go.  The biggest draw back to me was signing over control of my adsense account.  I built my channel.  I make the rules.  I generate the content.  I should get to collect my own revenue.  Don't spend too much time focusing on which network to join.  Focus on the content.  Look for opportunities, but always try to judge the potential impact that these opportunities may have on your brand.

Ray William Johnson Partners W/ Julian Smith To Start His Own Production Studio [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]


11-23-2012 episode of The Joe Somebody Show in which I discuss Thanksgiving, Black Friday sales, the fights and mobs at the Black Friday sales.


11-10-2012 episode of The Joe Somebody Show in which I talk about our son turning one, how quickly children grow up, look back over his first year of life, and show you his 1st birthday party.

What It's Really Like to be a YouTuber

I stumbled across this video today and it strikes me that this is almost exactly the way I feel.  The crippling fear that people wont like my videos and by extension not like me, makes it very hard to come up with good video ideas.  Sometimes the fear wins, and I make nothing at all for periods of time...

This too shall pass.



10-27-2012 episode of The Joe Somebody Show in which I discuss internet safety, being harassed by a fake trooper from the Massachusetts State Police (all because of my views on open carrying firearms), and Dr. Phil gives his opinions on the situation.


10-4-2012 episode filmed in the Mariott hotel in Marieatta, Georgia.  In this video I discuss the Microsoft MCSA Boot Camp I took at CED Solutions.

What I plan to do after work...

Southerners Know How To Party - Big Daddy's Birthday Bash!!

9-25-2012 episode of The Joe Somebody Show in which I talk about the crazy big huge awesome amazing fun party my parents had...that didn't suck.  Including food, music from a live band, etc...

Party Music:
Twisted Whiskey

The Car Show (w/ dubstep)

9-15-2012 short film from the car show at Year One in Braselton, Georgia with Chip Foose from Overhaulin'.


9-8-2012 Joe Somebody review of the Roku 2 HD 1080p streaming media device.  Includes overview, connections, configuration, menus, channels, quality, and how to stream media from Netflix, Hulu, Crackle, and Revision 3.

Troubleshoot Home Network Issues - Technology for ALL

Pilot episode of Technology for ALL in which I talk about ipconfig, ping, and reseting LAN connections to help in troubleshooting and repairing issues with home networks specifically when you cant get on the internet.  Have questions?  Ask them below!

Cute kid at the playground!

9-1-2012 video of Jaxon being the cutest kid int he world on the swings and slide at the playground!

London 2012 Olympics

8-11-2012 episode of The Joe Somebody Show in which I discuss the 2012 London Olympics, sports, suggest new olympic games, and as what you think about the olympics.

Brain Fart Vlog

8-5-2012 episode of The Joe Somebody Show in which I talk about my brain being empty, having brain fart, and quiting youtube.

Have Sex With This Poop?

7-28-2012 episode of The Joe Somebody Show in which I talk about the literal meaning of common words and phrases. If you dont get it the first time around, watch it will eventually make sense.

A Very Moving Video

7-17-2012 episode of The Joe Somebody Show in which I discuss moving to Commerce, Georgia, our apartment (townhouse), drawbacks to moving, and getting a free Roku!

You've Got Mail

6-30-2012 episode of The Joe Somebody show in which I discuss my birthday, moving out of our current house, and receiving a letter and special gift in my P.O. Box from a viewer.

Send me stuff:
Joe Somebody
P.O. Box 265
Maysville, GA 30558

The Beach House

6-20-2012 episode of The Joe Somebody Show filmed in and around Laguna Beach, Florida (outside of Panama City Beach, Florida). Includes shots of the house, beach, sunset, miracle strip, etc...

Pics from this trip:

Laguna Beach Florida

6-17-2012 episode of The Joe Somebody Show update video while on a family vacation at a beach house in Laguna Beach, Florida (outside Panama City Beach, Florida).

Perks of the Job!

6-10-12 episode of The Joe Somebody Show in which I randomly describe some of the interesting places I get to see while on the job. What would your perfect job be?

Top Gear - Nissan Sentra SE-R Spec V - BBC

Jeremy Clarkson and the folks over at Top Gear wouldn't have made a video reviewing my 2006 Nissan Sentra SE-R Spec V, so I made this video myself! The car is a 2.5 liter 4 cylinder with a 6 speed manual transmission. Aftermarket parts include: a NISMO cold air intake, XS Power header, downpipe, and midpipe, MagnaFlow muffler, Projector Headlights with 6,000K HIDs, Pioneer head unit, Phoenix Gold Octane R 15.0.1 amplifier, Alpine Type R 12" subs.

Zombies Dont Believe in #YOLO

6-1-2012 episode of The Joe Somebody Show in which I talk about the recent story of a man eating another mans face, the possibilities of a zombie apocolypse, and how zomebies feel about YOLO.

On the Subject of Friends

5/22/2012 episode of The Joe Somebody Show in which I discuss friends. What does it mean to be a friend? What do you need in a person to consider them a friend? What friendship flaws do you have? Leave me comments!

Becoming My Father (Pop, choc, and tea)

5-13-2012 episode of The Joe Somebody Show in which I discuss the fact that I'm turning into my father. Which one of your parents are you turning into? Is it a bad thing? Do you think people are destined to turn out like their parents even if they dont live with them? Leave a comment or video response!

Loudest Clock in the World!!

4-28-2012 Joe Somebody short film about the world's loudest clock which happens to be located in my living room! What annoys you? Leave a comment!

A Place We Like to Go - Hurricane Shoals - Maysville, Georgia

4-21-2012 episode of The Joe Somebody Show in which my wife and I go to Hurricane Shoals, a local park in Maysville, Georgia. I filmed the park including the river, playground, mill house, water wheel and more. Where do you like to go? Leave a comment or video response and let me know! Don't be lazy!

The filmic look of this video was achieved by using the Canon T3i (EOS 600D) with a canon EF-50f/1.8. No color correction was done in post.

Can I Be Frank (Ze Frank)

4-17-2012 episode of The Joe Somebody Show in which I am frank. I talk about Ze Frank and his show "The Show" being the start for most vloggers. I also discuss Ze Franks' return to YouTube with his new show "A Show" and the excitement the community has about his return. My question for you is: What inspires you? Leave a comment or video response letting me know!

Life After YouTube Opens Partnership

It's been a few days since YouTube made the announcement about opening the partnership program to everyone.  The community as a whole, took this news pretty hard. Ben Hughes from put out a video reflecting on his personal experience applying, getting denied, and then finally getting accepted into the partnership program. You can watch this video here. Feeling upset by the news that I would never have that feeling of accomplishment that Ben talks so fondly of, prompted me to make this video. Several others have shared their thoughts and feelings as well.

Audio from my video is featured in this video

This lovely YouTuber used some audio from my video in this video!  Check it out.  Go show some love on her video!  Tell her Joe Somebody sent you!

YouTube allowing everyone to be a "Partner"

4-12-2011 episode of the Joe Somebody Show in which I talk about the exciting news of becoming a youtube partner and the fact that it doesn't mean anything. Anyone can become a youtube partner now simply by monetizing videos. No application and approval process. This leaves everyone asking how do I get channel branding options? How do I create custom thumbnails? Do you think this is a good thing for youtube?


4-8-2012 Easter video. The baby finding eggs and being adorable! Filmed with Canon T3i with Canon EF-50mm/f1.8 lens. No color correction. There is no IS on this lens sorry for the shakiness.

Carnival Dream Cruise - March 17, 2012 - Cozumel, Belize, Mahogany Bay, ...

We took a 7 day cruise on the Carnival Dream. The ship left form Port Canaveral, Fl on March 17, 2012. The itinerary included calls to Cozumel - Mexico, Belize, Mahogany Bay (isla Roatan, Honduras), and Costa Maya - Mexico. Due to high winds, we were unable to safely dock in Costa Maya. See what is like to take a cruise! Shots include the lido deck, lanai deck, crimson dining room, scarlet dining room, fun shops, loby, casino, water slide, club O2, internet cafe, encore theater, burgundy lounge, inside cabin, and from each port of call. Also included photos of the Carnival Dream. Somebacation2012.

Worst YouTuber in the World on Vacation

A video from my March 17-24 vacation. The original idea was to make a video each day while on the trip, this is an attempt to make the first video. Dont worry. I did make stuff worth watching too. It'll be available soon.

Bath Time Baby!

3-9-2012 video of Jaxon having a bath and being PDP (pretty darn precious).

Outlaws Famous Texas Boots Commercial (unfinished)

I had been working with the store manager at Outlaws Famous Texas Boots in Athens, Ga to create a commercial to run on their Facebook page. The store manager is quiting and asked that I not finish the commercial. Since I already had this much done, I figured I'd put it on youtube for people to see instead of just deleting it.

Reassured About Our Cruise Line!

I was just browsing the internet when I saw that @CarnivalCruise retweeted an article about recent health inspections of their ships.  The article mentions the Carnival Dream, Carnival Freedom, Carnival Sensation, and Carnival Pride recently being anonymously inspected for shipboard sanitation areas, including proper food handling, preparation and storage procedures and overall cleanliness of the galley and other shipboard areas.  I'm of coarse excited about this news because I'm not only a huge fan of Carnival Cruise Line, but also because we're booked to board the Carnival Dream in just two weeks!  Here is a link to the full article.

Epic Mealtime Style Hotdog Omelet

2-22-2012 episode of The Joe Somebody Show in which I make an omelet using the only available meat which was hotdog meat. This video is edited in the style of epic mealtime but is not necessarily meant to be a parody or an exact representation of their content.

Making a Commercial!

2-18-2012 episode of The Joe Somebody Show in which I share my adventures of filming a commercial for a local business. The commercial is for Outlaws Famous Texas Boots in Athens, GA. This is the vlog, the actual commercial I shot will be available at a later time.

None of My Friends Will Repost This!

2-11-2012 episode of The Joe Somebody Show in which I talk about my plans to make some videos while on our Carnival cruise in March (#Somebacation2012) and answer some comments from Facebook about working in IT, people always talking about their rights, and the Facebook epidemic of "none of my friends will repost this" spam.

American Idol Contestant Falls Off Stage

Did anyone else catch American Idol last night? At the very end 16-year-old contestant Symone Black passed out and fell off stage hitting her head. A camera man tried to catch her, but hits his camera which then falls on top of him. Of coarse, the show then goes off. Now everyone will be sure to tune in tonight to find out how Symone is doing.

I'm Taking My Audience on a Cruise! #Somebacation2012

What's up Somebodys?  I've got great news!  My wife and I are taking you all on a 7 day Caribbean cruise!  That's right!  If you are subscribed to my youtube channel, my friend on facebook, and/or follow me on twitter, then you get to experience this amazing 7 day adventure aboard the Carnival Dream with us!  We'll be making stops in Cozumel - Mexico, Belize, Mahogany Bay - Isla Roatan, and Costa Maya - Mexico!  Offers this big usually come from Oprah!

Bubba J carries his gun into Walmart

2-4-2012 episode of The Joe Somebody show in which I discuss my views on owning a gun and "open carry" in the United States. Do you thing owning a gun for protection is necessary? Would you sleep with a gun under your pillow? Does it bother you when you see someone carrying a gun in public?

New TV Spot for Universal's Wanderlust

Here is a TV spot for Universal's new movie Wanderlust.  I'm extremely excited about this movie not only because of the great actors (Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd to name a couple), but also because the majority of the film was shot locally in Clarkesville, Georgia.  My wife and I were able to be on set while they were filming a couple scenes.  I talked about it in a video.  See my video below the TV spot.  I also have some pics from behind the scenes but I cant share them until the film is released!

The R-rated film, opening on February 24, is about a couple who leaves the pressures of the big city and joins a freewheeling community where the only rule is to be yourself. The movie was produced by Judd Apatow.

Japanese SPAM and Eggs

1-28-2012 episode of The Joe Somebody Show in which I talk about going to Inoko's Japanese Steakhouse for our anniversary, how my wife and son are doing, a hearty breakfast of SPAM and eggs, and my son being so unbearably cute. Have you ever had SPAM? Have you been to a Hibachi restaurant?


1-21-2012 episode of The Joe Somebody Show in which I talk about the commonality of viewers and content creators on youtube while eating a bowl of spaghetti.

Saturday Morning - Coffee and Something to Eat

1-14-2012 episode of The Joe Somebody Show in which I filmed myself making coffee and toaster strudels. What do you like to do on Saturday mornings? Leave a comment or video response on youtube.

I stole from ACTIVISION?

1-4-2012 lazy vlog in which I divulge that ACTIVISION has made me remove my shirt design for copyright reasons.