Somebody Decorated

It's that time of year again.  You know the time.  When it's really cold, malls are crowded, and you try to be good so old Saint Nick will be good to you.  Christmas time!  To help us get in the spirit of Christmas, we try to put or our tree and other yule tide trinkets on Thanksgiving night.  This year we were a couple of days late.  But like they say "better late than never." (I just really like using quotes...and parenthesis).

Picture of our living room - Christmas 2011

My wife did most of the decorating while I made sure the house was warm, holiday favorites played on the stereo, and a succulent aroma of cinnamon filled the air.  I took the responsibility of making sure our son was well behaved and introducing him to the twinkling lights.  I decided to grab my camera and tripod and try to make a picture to capture this warm time in our home.  I tried different settings while my wife put the final touches on the tree...

For the photography enthusiasts out there.  I used a low ISO with a slow shutter speed then brightened the shadows, darkened the highlights, and other tweaks in Photoshop CS5 Camera Raw.  Happy Holidays!

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