The Friday before Christmas

Twas the Friday before Christmas, and I was at work.
I had just waved and said "Merry Christmas" to Bill Burke.
Everyone was merry, what a sight it was to see.
There was a fruit cake in the break room, and in the lobby a Christmas Tree.
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My spirits were soaring, I couldn't be glum.
I knew in just a few days, Santa would come.
I knew he would bring lots of presents and toys
For each and every one of the good girls and boys.

When right at that moment, my phone started to ring.
My ringtone had been changed to the sounds of carolers that sing.
When I answered the phone I heard a very sweet voice.
My wife asking how late I was working, and if I had a choice.

I told her I was leaving just a soon as I could.
She sounded excited and said "well that's good."
I finished working, at the exact moment I had planned.
I shutdown my computer, and gathered my things in my hand.

I was walking towards the time clock, to punch out and be done.
I wanted to rush home, and start having some holiday fun.
I ran to my car, and threw my stuff in.
I turned the key in the ignition, and started to grin.

It was at the moment, my grin disappeared.
My car didnt start, now isnt that weird?
Feeling quite frustrated, I tried it again.
This time I tried it, just with a half grin.

Still nothing happend, was my battery dead?
No matter what the problem, my face started to turn red.
"This is just my luck" I thought, as I sat there in silence.
I started beating on the steering wheel with rage and violence.

Soon all the other cars had left parking lot.
They went home to their families and left me there to rot.
It was getting quite chilly, and it started to rain.
"Why?", I asked, "is this car being such a pain?"

All of the sudden, I heard a loud voice say:
"Wake up! And go home its the end of the day!"
What was this madness? It was all a dream?
Amazed I thought of how real it all seemed.

Happy and cheery, I left for the day.
I made it home safely, and smiled all the way.
When I walked in the door, I felt humble and happy.
My dream made me realize, that my day could have been really crappy.