Morning is Here!

9-30-2011 episode of The Joe Somebody show which is Day 4 of the vlog daily for 30 days challenge. Today I talk about taking my wife's pregnancy photos myself, a change in plans for the weekend, the upcoming Maysville festival, and how to leave a video response.

Cops hate vlogs!

9-29-2011 episode of The Joe Somebody Show in which i talk about my P.O. Box, audience interaction, and police watching me vlog while driving.

I've got Whooping Cough?

9-28-2011 episode of The Joe Somebody show in which I talk about vlogging while driving, the whooping cough, and making a video every day for 30 days.

I'm back...sort of

9-27-2011 episode of the Joe Somebody Show in which I just feel like talking to my iphone.

I'll Blog About It

Well since I have this wonderful website that no one visits, I guess I'll take a minute and actually write something. First of all, I know I originally said I would do vlogs while I'm taking a break from youtube, but so far that hasnt happened. It's not because I'm lazy, it's just because I really have been crunched for time. On top of the issues I talked about in this video, I also have had more things come up that require my attention. Someone out there in the land of evil decided it would be a good idea to get my debit card information and withdraw money from my bank account via an ATM in Florida. I've disputed it with my bank, who then wanted me to get a police report filed.
In the city I live in there is usually only one policeman on duty at a time. He never stays at the police station and no one answers the phone, so filing a police report proved to be harder than it sounded.

When I disputed the charge to the bank, they made me turn in my debit card, which is the only form of payment I ever use. I don't have a credit card or checkbook, and I never carry cash. All my transactions online are setup to use my debit car (including the renewal of my domain name, which is now pending). So I find myself completely out of my element having to use cash for everything. My wife sent me a text earlier today that said my new debit card arrived at the house. I'm excited, but feel a little reluctant about relying on the debit card so heavily. That's just the way I've always been.

In any case, I do plan on making at least an update video soon, and I appreciate all the support I have gotten from my viewers while I've been taking this break. This may seem like just a useless rambling...and it is, but I hope it helps you better understand the crap going on right now. If you read this post, you must be a true fan, or at least arrived at this page by accident. Either way, have a good day...and just keep swimming.