IE9: Taking the plunge.

Well, I decided to go ahead and take the plunge with Internet Explorer Version 9 (beta). 

As I download the 2.37MB file from Microsoft’s website, I cant help but think to myself, "that’s it?  That's the whole install?"  Then quickly that theory is shot down as my pc begins to download and install "required updates."  I'm optimistic about Microsoft’s ability to make a quality product.  I have tried several browsers over the years (including: Google chrome, Netscape navigator, Opera, and Firefox) but somehow I've always come back to IE.  Granted Microsoft is not usually the leader in new features, they do seem to offer a certain amount of accountability to the web browser game.

After the required updates, IE9 finished installing and of course required a reboot of the PC.  When I arrived back at my desktop, there was but a subtle change to the classic blue “e” icon.  It’s a slightly lighter shade of blue!  The first launch of the browser seemed fairly quick.  The first thing I noticed was a bar at the bottom of the screen that said “Speed up startup and browsing by disabling add-ons.”  I decided to follow the advice and checkout the add-ons I had running.  The only thing that I noted about my add-ons was that the AVG safe search add-on was listed with a red symbol showing that it was slowing down the startup of the browser by more than a second. 

My first impression of the browser is how similar it looks to Google Chrome.  It has a new, simpler, light-weight design.  I also notice that the search provider box that was previously on the right hand side is gone.  That’s because Microsoft integrated the search function into the address bar in IE9.  Interestingly enough, by upgrading my browser that had Google as the default search provider, IE did not reset it back to Bing, though Bing was added as a secondary search provider.

The tabbed browsing now shares space with the address bar instead of each being on their own line.  The buttons on the right hand side of the screen are also somewhat different.  Previously the button selection included home, rss, email, and print buttons followed by Page, Safety, Tools, and help menus.  This has all been consolidated into three buttons:  Home, Favorites, and Tools.  All the file, print, zoom, and safety options are now accessed by clicking the Tools button.

My over all experience with IE9 has been great.  The speed is impressive as well as the compatibility with new web standards and is sleek, modern feel.  IE9 Beta is available for download here.

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  1. Though I installed this to test, I did find some loss of functionality with some websites. I will not be making a permanent transition to IE9 just yet.