Quick Stop at Nacoochee Dam and Hydro Plant in Lakemont GA

Video from a quick stop at Nacoochee Dam and Hydro Plant in Lakemont, Georiga.  The Dam impounds Lake See and was built in 1926.  After hiking at Black Rock Mountain State Park, we took the scenic route home and stopped at Nacoochee Dam for a bathroom break and a quick look around.

►Black Rock Mountain State Park

Black Rock Mountain State Park and Tennessee Rock Trail

Black Rock Mountain State Park is Georgia's highest elevation state park.  Outstanding scenery of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Roadside overlooks provide spectacular views. We visited the summit visitor center and gift shop, hiked Tennessee Rock Trail (until a hiker had an asthma attack), and enjoyed lunch at a picnic table.  A great mountain park at 3,640 feet!

My Every Day Carry 2021

What I carry every day in 2021.  What a person carries with them every day says a lot about who they are.  I try to keep it simple these days. I think I need to continue to trim in some areas and I'm probably also going to pick up some new accessories.  What's do you carry with you everyday?

Didn't expect to get FREE money in the Mail!

I really never thought I'd get Free money in the mail.  But I pulled actual bills out of my mail.  This company just mails money to people.  I wonder if people are accidentally throwing their free money away?  J.D. Power just puts dollars in an envelope and hopes we actually open it.

My Small Patio Idea and Transformation

I wanted to transform my small patio into a relaxing and enjoyable space.  I had a simple patio idea and finally got it done! We need seating, ambience lighting, a fire pit, and a sun shade.  Now we enjoy spending time in our small back yard space!

Bill and Melinda Gates are getting DIVORCED?

Bill and Melinda Gates are getting a divorce.  Apparently $100,000,000,000 doesn't buy happiness.  Announcement from Twitter reveals that Bill and Melinda have decided to divorce after 27 years of marriage, raising 3 kids, and running the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation together.

Does your job suck TOO much?

Your job sucks, but does it suck too much?  Should you quit your job?  Consider happiness, fulfillment, emotional drain, wages, and follow your gut when it tells you it's time to quit.  Some people quit their job during covid using that as a good time to start over.  Regardless, just do your best to find a job that doesn't suck TOO much.